GUEST 380-2005 – acting

Carbon steel of ordinary quality

Current GOST 380-2005 superseded all previous editions of this standard:

  • GUEST 380-94 – replaced;
  • GUEST 380-88 – replaced;
  • GUEST 380-71 – replaced;
  • GUEST 380-60 – replaced;
  • GUEST 380-50 – replaced.

Purpose of steel according to GOST 380-2005

Steel GOST 380-2005 intended for manufacturing:

1) hot rolled products:
2) ingots;
3) blooms;
4) slabs;
5) twilight;
6) blanks:
continuously cast;
7) pipes;
8) forgings and stampings;
9) tapes;
10) wire;
11) hardware, etc..

Steel designation according to GOST 380-2005


St.: designation of carbon steel of ordinary quality
3: conditional number of steel grade depending on its chemical composition - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
D: the letter G is present in the designation, if the mass fraction of manganese in steel exceeds 0,8 %
Mr.: degree of steel deoxidation: kp - boiling, ps - semi-calm, cn - calm

Obsolete steel designations according to GOST 380

Often, especially on the web, there are obsolete general purpose carbon steel designations, eg, VSt3ps. There are links to editions of GOST 380 from 1971, 1988, 1994, 1960 and even 1950 years!

The thing is, what GOST 380-1971 (long ago replaced) provided for the supply of steels of three groups:
group A - with guaranteed mechanical properties (the steel has not been heat treated);
group B - with a guaranteed chemical composition (the steel was heat treated);
group B - with guaranteed mechanical properties and chemical composition (for welded structures).

Group A steels were designated in the same way as according to the current GOST 380-2005 (cm. higher), eg, St3kp.

Group B steels were used only in the most irresponsible cases.

Current GOST 380-2005 unlike GOST 380-71 defines only the chemical composition of steels. Mechanical and other properties define standards for specific types of rolled steel, eg, GUEST 535-88 for long products and shapes, and GOST 14637-89 - for heavy-plate products.

Color marking of rolled steel in accordance with GOST 380-2005

St0 - red and green
St1 - yellow and black
St2 - yellow
St3 - red
St3Gps - red and brown
St3Gsp - blue and brown
St4 - black
St5 - green
St5Gps - green and brown
St6 – blue

Table 1- Chemical composition of steel according to GOST 380-2005
for ladle sample analysisgost380-1

Table 2 – Limit deviations in chemical composition
steel according to GOST 380-2005
ready-made, ingots, forgings and
products of further processinggost380-2

Table 3 – The ratio of designations of steel grades
according to GOST 380-2005, ISO 630:1995 and ISO 1052:1982gost380-3

For more information on ordinary grade structural steels see. all GOST 380-2005 and standards for certain types of steel products.

For more information about steel St3 cm. Steel St3 in accordance with GOST 380-2005